Pinterest-TCWomanSo I am working on my first novel which I will complete with or without Tropical Storm Danny’s help.

As I write, He should be on his way to the Leeward Islands. First time that I’ve ever seen people praying for a storm so we can at least get the rain. The islands have been very very dry and several have declared drought. The rain is quite welcome but we will be better off without the winds. Thankfully those are dying down.

Anyway, I wanted to share a new use for Pinterest that has helped me greatly with writing this novel.

I love writing dialogue as it’s always fun to put words in other people’s mouth. But I suck at description and a novel is no good without it.

Since I think better with pictures, I’ve been making use of my boards especially the ones with recipes, outfits and decor. It helps to get ideas and gives me a starting point to develop a story line.

Where do you go to get ideas?