Bozoma Saint John’s Masterclass at Women of Power Tech #WPTech

Screenshot from Women of Power Tech Summit with Caroline Clarke, Chief Brand Officer, Women of Power, Black Enterprise (l) and Bozoma Saint John, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Netflix (r)

I triple booked myself this week. So many awesome summits happening and if this were pre-COVID I would have been forced to choose. Thankful that some are saving the recordings so I can catch the sessions I miss live, which was how I got to see Bozoma Saint John’s Masterclass.

Conversations That Count on Wednesday at the Black Enterprise’s Women of Power Tech Summit was a master class in Bossing up and standing out with Bozoma Saint John, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Netflix. She has been receiving lots of attention in the past five years for the major moves she has been making, each one bigger than the last and all in the tech space.

She was interviewed by Caroline Clarke, Chief Brand Officer, Women of Power, Black Enterprise who asked the questions that showed me why they are in the C-Suite.

Here are my cliff notes from the session.

“Own your unique abilities and experiences.”

Negotiating Your Salary – Lessons from Bozoma Saint John’s Masterclass

When preparing to ask for a raise or negotiate a new contract “do your research and find the market average of your position.” Have the proof and name them. eg. Jennifer S at XYZ company makes three million.

“Negotiate. Say the number.” Saint John said you can’t blink when you name the figure you want. At C-Suite level if you can’t handle the negotiation, you can have a representative manage the process on your behalf.

“Find your tribe – even if they are not in tech. You need cheerleaders.”

Your Personal Brand
  • “…has to be built on what are your unique qualities.”
  • Turn up the volume!” If you don’t celebrate and tell people who you are and what you have achieved, who will?
  • “Hone in on the personal”
  • “Tell everyone what makes you special. Give other people the tools to brag on your behalf.”

Women of Power Tech ended on Thursday, September 24. However, you can still check out Bozoma Saint John’s Masterclass and the other speakers here –>