moveon I’ve never considered myself a perfectionist and I don’t think that I am now. However, I’ve discovered this old habit of wanting to fix the past. (Maybe I am 🙂

The power of writing on a blog is that I can go back and edit a post and fix past grammatical errors. Not so possible once its already in print and truth be told, the original post probably exists somewhere in cyberspace in someone’s virtual bank.

I am learning to give myself permission to leave the past in the past. To leave an old blog post or a book written as a statement of where I was then but to accept that I have grown and moved on from there. Rather than this constant desire to go and erase it all and pretend I didn’t think or feel that way or said that particular thing.

One of the great things about the stories in the bible is that we can see the growth of these men and women. We get to see their fears, failures and learn from how they moved beyond them to make an impact worthy enough to be recorded.

It takes courage to be vulnerable and I suppose that is the real struggle, to always be honest with where I am now and share the real me.

Today I give myself permission to move on, to not edit the past, to say thank you for my mistakes as they have helped me to grow.

Move on Nerissa.