Make 2019 Your Year of Yes

My 2019 is off to a great reading start. I had asked for Amazon gift cards as my Christmas gifts and my sweet friends and daughter met my request. So first lesson of 2019 is to ASK for what you want!

So what else is there to get with amazon gift cards but books. I grabbed this one by Shonda Rhimes. It had been on my wish list since she released it and I loaded up my kindle with and some other amazing reads.

Year of Yes was Shonda’s chronicling of making a shift from always saying No and pretty much hiding out in her own life and to say Yes to the things that scared her.

What struck me was the timing. All of the time I’m loving Scandal and raving about Shonda and her brilliant writing and her characters, she is afraid to step up and own her success and even do television interviews. It was a reminder that there are many layers to the people we see around us.

She took courage and begun to say YES to the things that scared her. That also included taking control of her health and releasing relationships that didn’t serve her.

It was a really motivator for me to say YES.

Not yes to other people. In fact, I have been saying more NOs to others. I realised I am always ready to put the needs of others first even at the expense of my personal life and business. That needs a big NO! So I am saying more YESes to Nerissa and her dreams and her ideas. I am investing my YESes in me. It is the only way to achieve more of the goals and to feel as fulfilled as I desire to be.

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How will you say YES to you this year?