A VD Gift gift for you

Love Under Lockdown – A Short Story

Happy Valentine’s Day.
Whether you celebrate the day or not, it is a wonderful reminder that we need love to make it through this life.
I wanted to share a short story inspired by the pandemic. Short stories aren’t my usual genre but I wanted to challenge myself to tell the story in less than 8000 words.
If you know me then you know there’s an entrepreneur or two in the story.

Finding love is the last thing on Andrea Reid’s mind when her travel business disappears overnight because of a global pandemic. Forced to find another way to support her four-year-old, and with restrictions thwarting her money-making plans, she must face her fears and try something new. Her reclusive neighbor David Canoe comes to the rescue. Who knew you could find love under lockdown?

It is available to read on WattPad. Check it out and be sure to follow my account for more stories in this Love Under Lockdown series.
Also, check out the videos from my daughter’s band rehearsal. The lockdown delayed the video production but I promise to share it once we get it done.
Stay safe.
You are loved.