Looking Back to Move Forward

I have missed out on opportunities because I didn’t believe enough in myself and my own value. (In photo: teaching a business lab to secondary school students in 2014.)

I have had amazing experiences because I said yes even when I didn’t think I was ready. (In photo: Moments before speaking at the first Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs Forum for the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau in 2007.)

I have been blessed to create opportunities for myself and others, so we could all add international speaker to our resumes. (In Photo: YES Caribbean on Montserrat, in 2011 with Dr. Anita Davis-Defoe (author/social entrepreneur guru, Kaishah Peters (fashion designer) Felicia Harden (filmmaker).)

I let some challenges get the better of me because I quite too soon. Others, I took on just to see what would happen if I tried. (In Photo: Winning PitchIT 2016 for a travel app ideation.)

There are more books in me than I have the time or discipline yet to write. (In Photo: Book signing for Love’s Sweet Joy and In Plain Sight in February 2018.)

There’s a book, a conference, a class, a presentation, a new innovation within you. Don’t quit now that it’s about to get good. Nothing beats believing in yourself and knowing that the value you bring to the world is unmatched. Love Nerissa