Nerissa Golden

Live in Your Genius Zone

Today, live in your genius zone.
There’s a sweet spot that makes you come alive and do your best work.
Do you know where that zone is for you?
Pay attention to the tasks that make you sigh and tense up and the ones where you smile from start to finish. Which jobs make you want to toss it all and go back to bed and which ones can you do all night without missing a beat?
Guess which spot is your genius zone?
So what do you do with all the other jobs that are outside this zone? Let someone else do it.
Hire someone, bring on an intern, ask a friend or one of your kids who will love the opportunity to earn some money or gain experience.
Can’t afford it?
You can’t afford to spend time outside of your genius zone and purpose. It will cost you much more in loss of time, opportunities and money in the long run.
I want to see you win.
Go discover your genius!
Tell me in the comments where your genius lies.