#LevelUp: Brag More Ladies

As I am always pushing friends and family to strive for bigger things, one of the jobs that usually comes with that is looking over resumes. Something that has stuck out more of lates is the difference in how men and women present themselves on paper.

I’ve done it so I can spot it when I read women’s resumes. We diminish all of our roles and we present our goal as just wanting to help rather than seeing the tremendous value and asset we will be to the organization.
Bragging goes against Caribbean culture and so it may seem very awkward at first. However, you need to know how to share who you are and what you do in a confident and empowering way.

Frame your past experiences in a way that positions you for the job you want to get.  Your resume/CV should not simply be a recap of what you’ve done.

Hopefully, you are not applying for a job on the level you have now and are looking to advance in scope of work and salary. Identify the skills you have gained even if not from paid work which show you’ve for the goods for the new job. Don’t diminish your accomplishments. Brag about the successes you’ve delivered for the company in dollars and numbers that can be proven.
This is why no matter the role you have now, keep track of the tasks and challenges you’ve overcome. Make notes on yourself and the big and little wins you have. Don’t wait for the boss to say you are awesome. Catalog your own awesomeness.