LEAP Into Your Business

I was so excited when my colleague Sandra Baptist told me her conference was going to be called !LEAP!

It is the name of one of the workshops I often conduct with young people about starting a business, but it is also the action that everyone in business must take on a regular basis.

Humans are creatures of habit and it doesn’t take much for us to get comfortable. However, if you want to see consistent growth in your business then you must be able to get out of that comfort zone and take a big !LEAP!

The market is changing and your greatest competition may no longer be the one on the corner, it is the online store who can get the same goods at a fraction of the cost to your customers.

When last have you reviewed who your competition is and what they are doing?

How do you know if your marketing efforts or lack thereof are affecting your bottom line?

Are you still wavering on whether you should go full time into your business?

We plan to answer these questions and much more at !LEAP! It will be packed full of presenters ready to download their wisdom and expertise to help you make that move.

The event will be held this Wednesday, May 23 2016 at the Jolly Beach Hotel on Antigua. You have until 3PM today Monday, May 23 to register if you haven’t yet.

Ladies if you need some extra special focus, then don’t miss the Thursday afternoon session with Host Sandra Baptist and her guest international strategist Carol Sankar.

Visit www.leapantigua.com for more details and to register TODAY.