keep calm - writeI’m still on a high from last evening’s Google Hangout with Eva from, my best mate and author Carol Mitchell and Stacey Alfonso-Mills. We talked being mothers, writing children’s books and the journey to being self-published authors.

A lot of wonderful tips and encouragement was shared but the one I want to remind myself of and you as well is to “just write.”

As everyone gets all caught up in blogging and making money from blogging we can lose sight of why we began the blog in the first place. The same thing happens with social media. We keep following the latest trends and obsess over getting more followers and fans that we stop providing the very thing that started our journey into being online.

Just write.

You have something to say. It needs to be said in the way you can say it and which will reach the audience that is destined to connect with your words and your story.

Just write.

Don’t edit your thoughts before it comes out on the screen or paper. Get it all out and then you can tweak and adjust to improve flow and impact. When I edit myself too early I limit the free flow of the process and end up with a stilted piece of work which I  can’t even recognise as my own.

Just write.

Don’t be distracted by thoughts of “will people like this”, “can I get it published”, “how much does it cost to print”. At the right time those other elements will fall in place. Don’t focus on that, just write.

You can watch the very lively and informative chat here…