I finally accept that I need to work smarter and not necessarily harder.

Harder if it means pushing through that barrier that seems not to want to move out of my way but definitely smarter in that I now know I don’t have to do it alone.

As women, we seem not to want to accept help. I don’t mean asking for help to change a light bulb which is quite alright to do but to ask for help in the things that are near and dear to us. Raising our children, growing our business. Why do we think we are supposed to do it alone?

You don’t get extra stars in your crown for being a sacrificial lamb. You don’t get more back thumps for bravery.

Ask for help.

They don’t even need to be a friend, family member or someone who you like. The only requirement is that the be willing to support what you need and you won’t know that until you ask them.

Don’t assume they will say no. Don’t assume your request is beneath them.

I regress in this from time to time as it sometimes feel stressful to be asking but the rewards are worth it. You have a bigger goal in mind and you have to be able to allow people who can do that thing which takes you five hours to do which they can do in five minutes.


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