Is Content Creation a Challenge?

Aging myself here but do you remember the Dunkin’ Donuts commercial “Time to make the donuts?”

You would see a sleepy baker head out of his house twice a day mumbling that it was time to make the donuts.

Day and night, snow or rain, Fred the Baker had to make those donuts.

Social media can feel like that. One long, continuous, slog through bad weather to a job with a never-ending cycle.

Don’t let it become that for you.

Take some time this week to assess which content on what platform is resulting in not just likes, but comments, messages for more information, and sales.

Not seeing any traction?

Are you speaking to the right audience?

If your product is for female leaders but most of the people who like your content are employees or work in unrelated sectors, then you need to make a shift.

Are you on the right platform? Those female leaders could be on a different space or are avid newspaper or blog readers. Find out what their primary source for content is and meet them there.

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