I'm Tired. Aren't You?

It’s 4:45PM. I’ve just dropped my keys on the table and my phone begins to beep as it connects to the WiFi. That darn notification screen that gives you highlights of the drama unfolding in your messages. Really? Now? Who blew up the world?

One crisis after the next. I am thankful they weren’t mine but it was a clear indication people I loved were in pain. What do you do when you’re thousands of miles away?

Usually I want to fix it and rattle off a few ideas but I am too tired for that. I am also tired of being Mrs Fix It. All I say now is Fix it Jesus.

Yes we are still to be our sister’s keeper but we also need to know when things are outside of our remit.

I may not be able to offer advice, cash or a shoulder to lean on but I know how to pray. Prayer is my first call, not the last option. I want to encourage you to pray first before you start screaming to others about your situation. Often we stress ourselves and the situation further by sharing too much to fast.

As women, we need to talk things through to hear ourselves out loud. That has its place. But right now, that you are in pain and panicking…Pray. God wants to give you the wisdom to resolve your situation. Be it your health, finances or other. Pray is saying …so say this…Father I need your help. Show me the way to your peace and the answers. Amen.

I am rooting for you. The bible says the prayers of the righteous is effective. Prayers don’t fail. Believe. Then Pray.

Nerissa Golden is an author rediscovering the power of a daring life. Follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.