I'm Supposed to be Blogging

Trying to keep up with my one a day blog post for this 30-day challenge has not been a cake walk. Life always interrupts the best of intentions.
I’m slowly coming down from this high my crew has me on.
Jae and Josh were both selected to compete for their grade in the first Reading and Public Speaking Competition for the St Augustine Primary School.
Jae was third with only four points separating her from the winner, so you know the three were tight.
Josh made me extra proud as I didn’t have a thing to do with his presentation on “caring”. In fact, I’d thrown a fit when he tried to explain to me what he wrote about and I showed zero confidence that it would be good enough. Parents were not allowed to help them write it. Clearly I was so wrong and I am very happy that he delivered it well. I was also pleased that he pointed the presentation back to God as the source of how we learn to truly care for others.
Its Sunday night, so that means preparing the crew for school.
I think this will have to do as my requisite blog post.
Good night and have a great week.