If Only…I Had More Money

We can fool ourselves into believing that the reason we haven’t done more is because we don’t have more. That is a wonderful excuse for maintaining the status quo and never trying.

Truth is, you have exactly what you need right now to do what needs to be done.

Pursuing money as the answer to your troubles only creates more trouble.

Declare today that you lack nothing. Provision comes as you recognise that God is your provider and has given you access. You must believe this regardless to what your pockets and bank accounts are saying. You must declare it when the bill collectors keep calling. You must know it in the deepest recesses of your spirit until all of nature bows to it and surrenders what it has for you.

If you are in need of a job and employers are not even acknowledging receipt of your application then create a job for yourself. You can do something. It may be childcare, it may be cooking, it may be carpooling. Can you chop wood, burn coal, have a green thumb? There is some ability that can be turned into work for yourself and help you earn an income.

You don’t always know that you are capable of being innovative until a crisis or a challenge occurs. I’ve been famous for saying I will never do this or that but over the years I’ve found as long as its legal and it will meet my goal, then I will give it a shot. It doesn’t mean you need to flip hamburgers forever but if its helping you to pay off that outstanding light bill then do it.

Show me Your Money and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Money only amplifies who we are right now. If you have bad spending habits with a $100 per week income, it will be the same when you make $1000 unless you learn new habits. Take the time in the lean years to deploy new habits of spending and saving money which will benefit you in the long run.

You don’t always need to be running from paycheck to paycheck. There will come a time when one paycheck will take care of a few months bills rather than never being enough.

Tithing even when you have just a little is the perfect way to tell money to bow to you. Giving 10% of your income to your church or an organisation you support sends the message that you will not be limited by your lack. I’ve seen the choice to pay my tithe first bring returns I needed but couldn’t even imagine how it could be possible.

Save. My Dad continues to preach, “pay yourself.” Oh gosh. Do the math, after tithing and bills there is nothing left. Baby steps will do for now but work up to  it. The day comes when you can put away the same amount you tithe into your savings as well and you are living on 80% or less.

No Money. No Problems

Don’t have any income? Not to worry, you have your time. That is very valuable and it can be the investment you make to plant the seeds of wealth in your life. I can’t stress how important it is to find a way to give to others. We often believe that we must give back to those who’ve helped us. Instead, pay it forward. Look for someone who hasn’t done anything for you and probably not in a position to and support their dream, help in a way that leaves them feeling blessed.

Find ways to give your time and skills to others in need. Volunteer with a local shelter, help an elderly neighbour. There are many ways around that you can give even when you have no cash.

Can’t come up with a solution? Pray. This is another way to give. Taking the time to say “God I need your help and I believe you can help” begins to open a well spring of trust and peace that are the foundation for building true wealth. As you trust God, your mindset and energy change. You can’t stay in need when you are spending time with the God who is abundant in every way.

Work to remove the If Onlys in your life. Believe that you have all you need right now to make the changes you desire to have.

What are the ways you give to others without spending a dime? Share them in the comments below.