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How to Pick a Niche: Follow Your Joy

Follow your joy!

How is that for a business strategy? It goes against lots of the ways people decide on what business to get into. However, for intuitive leaders, this is exactly how you need to decide what business to get into.

A participant in my #BeVisibleChallenge expressed her inability to narrow things down and refine her niche.

She listed a number of things she was good at and all the reasons why niching down was difficult.

It is the age old problem for us #Caribbeanpreneurs. We’ve had to learn how to do lots of things and do them well enough to survive.

In this season, you don’t want to do it all. You want to focus on your core gifts and purpose. You want to target your energy and resources into one area so you can build it. You want to look at the work that makes you light up. That after it is done, although you may be tired, you are still energized that the work is meaningful and on purpose.

When you spread your energies and time all over the place you will have lots of pans on the fire. However, something will burn.

Pick your niche and your services based on the level of capacity you have now.

Some of you are in different phases of life. You don’t want to spend all day and into the night working. You want to make time for your partners and your children and doing other things that help you to have a full life.

Your work needs to bring you joy.

Find the work that brings you joy. The money will follow your joy.

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