I want you to see hope as a verb. It works as a noun but as an action word, it puts you in the center of the outcome you want to have.

I want you to hope some more.

I know that you have gone past what is rational and “realistic” but hope some more. That is where miracles happen. The scripture that comes to mind is when Jesus shows up after His friend Lazarus has been dead four days and He tells them to move the stone from in front of the grave. “My Lord He stinketh” was the reply but that didn’t bother God. He called His friend out and he walked out alive.

Whether it is a personal matter or your business, look again at the situation. You may need to step back and release your attachment to a particular outcome and expectation of how the situation must be resolved. Instead, prepare and hope for the best result that will allow you to thrive and be or service of others. Often, the solution is simpler than you think.
Sharing some encouragement with the Gregory Porter track.