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- Nerissa Golden

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The Visibility Framework helped me refine my career objective and goals. It was extremely challenging to narrow my focus, because of my wide skillset. I was encouraged to examine all that I did and look for the common thread that led me to finding my purpose.

 I was able to refine my CV so that I applied for the right consulting opportunities. I would highly recommend working with Nerissa. You will not regret this; however, you must be willing to put in the work and be open to change.

Deanne Whiskey-John

Education Consultant and Author
(Trinidad & Tobago)

Her Fix Your Money Mindset webinar was quite transformative. I got a huge mental breakthrough. Thanks Nerissa

Ruth Taylor

Best Selling Author and Writing Coach (Jamaica)

When given the opportunity to work closely with Nerissa, your only question should be, ‘how soon can we start?’  Nerissa delivers value above and beyond what is expected…

Marva Smith

Author & Business Coach (BVI)

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