Help No One is Clicking My FB Ads

adwordsTwo things have the greatest chance of getting me to click on those sponsored ads which come up on the right side bar on my Facebook timeline.
The first is seeing that one of my friends who I consider an Influencer has liked the page.
The second is a catchy headline and enough info to perk my interest.

Yes you can be spending much more than the minimum of $5.00 a day to reach your audience but that still may not be enough to get them to click.
If you are wondering why your ads are not getting any traction, not doing the following two things could be the reason.
1. Your headline needs to fit on one line. Don’t try to make it too wordy. Keep it simple with a call to action. Example: Get Paid Now; Make $500 from your kitchen table; Models wanted.

2. Too much info in the body of the ad. Only the first two lines of text get seen under the photo in your sponsored ad. About 90 characters can fit on those two lines. Make them count. If you are advertising a property then I need to see where it is right away. “Madison Court in Kingston is perfect for business travelers on a budget.”

Additionally, use a photo which is horizontal vs vertical. Make sure it has energy or clearly showcases the product you are selling. If it is a body shot, make sure we can see the face and the image has not been cropped in the wrong area. Facebook gives recommended image sizes for each type of ad you are purchasing. Take their advice.

It may take more than a week or even a month to get the attention you want. Don’t give up.