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Having Money Used to Stress Me Out

Having money used to stress me out.

Not having money stressed me too but not as much as having money.

Crazy, isn’t it?

But I was terrified of losing what I had.

Not spending it right.

Not knowing where the next would come from.

This is such a stressful way to live.

It meant that I lived a life of feast or famine.

There was never enough or just enough.

How did I get over this?

Do you get over it?

I’ve heard millionaires say they are driven by the fear of losing it all and ending up homeless. Which is why they work so hard and are forever hustling.

If they are hustling, shouldn’t you be too?

Hustling, worrying about becoming homeless, what you will eat is not part of God’s plan for you.

It isn’t a good strategy for growing your income and building a life you don’t need to escape from.

I would start with this…. Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 6 that they were not to worry about food, drink, housing because their Creator knew they needed those things. He considered it a given and His responsibility to meet those needs.


If I don’t need to worry about my rent and clothing, what should I be focused on?

Build the kingdom. Focus on the purpose for which you were created.

I believe purpose can evolve, so don’t worry if you haven’t figured out your purpose yet.

Instead, be fully present in whatever season you are in.

If you are a mother, love your babies.

If you are an employee, serve your boss with gladness, add value and be exceptional.

If you are a Caribbeanpreneur, master your craft, deliver on your promise, make an impact, make money.

A poor relationship with money can stem from various issues and I identify what they are in my latest webinar.

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