Grow Your Business by Upgrading your Product Packaging

Brands-RawOrganic-Wedges This Raw Island brand caught my eye recently at the V.C. Bird International Airport in Antigua. I love coconut and here it was packaged as Raw Organic Shredded Coconut ready for use in some sugar cake or my favourite coconut tart.

The brand also featured coconut oil, organic coconut wedges and a coconut butter in the display.

I’m always excited to see locally made products presented well. You can immediately up-level the value and perceived value of your product by packaging it in an attractive way.

The colours were simple and the writing clear. The white on black background with a bold font told me what I was buying and the see-throw bottles and containers meant I could look at it too.Brands-RawOrganic-ANU

I took the photos not only to blog about it but to find out more about the company. From the Facebook page I realise there are even more products and locations where the brand can be found on Antigua. With proper packaging your products can go from the corner store to the main shops and locations with plenty of traffic.

It also works to your benefit when shipping overseas and people can clearly read what are the ingredients and other information necessary to gain entry in new markets.

You may think it is an expense you cannot afford to have but if you are ready to push your business to new levels of growth then you must make the investment to present your product in a way which will appeal to the market. If you are concerned about going it alone. Seek out your local business development office or Chamber of Commerce to find out about other companies who may want to invest in packaging but are unable to do it alone. It is possible to team up to buy equipment or order supplies which can be designed for your different needs.

Your packaging is the first impression people will have of your product. Your business’ success is worth the investment.

Visit Raw Island Products.