Good Book and Good Music

How do you read a book?
Yes, I know from front to back. But do you read a book to music or do you prefer silence?
The right book comes with its own music. I love stories that make me feel I’m right there and feeling every emotion. I want to get to that place in my own work where I feel I’ve connected with the reader. It is a work in progress and I have learned to just keep writing. I’ve got to leave it up to the reader to interpret how they want to feel and what they want to see from my work.
Coming to the close of wrapping up Love’s Sweet Joy, old school R&B was on repeat. Truthfully, that’s a standard but I took note of the songs that kept coming up in my YouTube rotation this time around.
I’m sharing a few with you here. Intentionally leaving out the really sexy ones that come up. 🙂 Had a few awkward moments talking 90s R&B vs current ones with my teenager.
Let me know what’s on your playlist.
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