Met 14 women who share my passion for entrepreneurship recently in Trinidad. What a week!
Met 14 women who share my passion for entrepreneurship recently in Trinidad. What a week!

I’ve done a few things recently that have brought positive results.
First, I unsubscribed to a whole host of gurus and coaches who I’d connected with to learn more about this business of coaching and mentoring.
My inbox had become inundated with all of their great tips and invitations to webinars and How To’s and they had become a major distraction. I was no longer building my own business. I was building theirs.
Cleaning out my inbox gave me quite a wake up call because there was not much activity outside of the sales pitches clogging up my mail and slowing down my phone. It meant I wasn’t generating any income and work as my main communication portal was silent.
In my quest to learn more I was doubting my own skills and the path I’d taken to achieve all I had. I was no longer trusting God to direct and teach me what I needed to know. I was giving away my energy to people I’d never met, who were promising the same packaged offers with not much creativity. It was disheartening and sobering.
Second, I got back to work.
The only way to get work is to work. I’d pushed out so much energy trying to get other people to hire me that I forgot the things that made me unique and brought me the most impact and pleasure I’d created myself.
I had to get back to doing the things that gave me joy and achieved the vision I had for my life and world. It meant creating. Creating new content, new businesses and pushing to be one of the trailblazers and not a copycat.
It meant growing up and taking ownership for the life I wanted to have.
The most amazing thing happened when I did that. The opportunities I’d been longing to have showed up. The resources I thought were a hindrance came freely in the guise of friends and colleagues who simply wanted to help me succeed.
It took the load off. I didn’t have to go it alone and I could trust that by doing what felt natural and right, I would fulfill my dreams.
I am having the most fun and now I need to find new ways to filter the streams of emails. But I don’t mind too much as these are not from people selling me the next big thing but clients and friends who want to work with me.
At some point you must make a shift and see yourself as the one up to bat. Hit a home run or strike out…Either way give it your best shot.

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