As a region, the Caribbean still has many leaps to make in order to fully benefit from the power and possibilities that the World Wide Web affords.

For business owners, the getting by and just enough mentality must end. Access to a US mailbox means your customers can order groceries, clothing, furniture from Walmart or any store they desire abroad and have them shipped next day. Gone are the days when you assumed that your neighbours would support your business because they were next door, we now have options and we are taking advantage of them.

My friend and fellow marketing guru Ursula does a pretty awesome job on her blog at giving great tips on why and how to take advantage of the www. I only wish to reinforce this one thing.

If you have a business, you need to get your own virtual web space.

There are a lot of free spaces to be had but now more than ever you need a space that is your own. or is easier to remember and also has more brand impact than or whatever your free space is.

I’m a big wordpress fan and so it has been good to me and for business. However, as you grow your website needs to grow with you. Move your site from the free wordpress to the paid version with ease.

I used to suggest to clients that they at least get a Facebook page but with the constant changes by the social media giant, it is not a suitable replacement for having your own website. Use Facebook and other social media to encourage people to visit your virtual home where you can show off your products and services.

When you create a space of your own, you can manage and work to ensure that it receives the engagement you want it to have.