Get the 2021 Flourish Planner for Ladypreneurs

Hey Ladypreneurs, have you begun anticipating what is to come for you in 2021?

I’m caught somewhere between wanting to put it off for as long as possible and knowing I need to at least have Day 1 sorted out.

Well, this is a start. I’ve completed the 2021 Flourish Planner. The cover this year is a bright yellow sunflower. Doesn’t it just put you in a happy mood? The theme is It’s a New Day and I want you to feel that every day is a new day to start again.

This is the third year I am creating the planner and there is always something new added each time. It still includes the space for your to write your end of your press release at the beginning of the year. Use it as a step of faith in claiming what you want to achieve. Yes, 2020 went and put our plans to the test but it gives you something to focus on when things are turbulent.

The gratitude and personal development sections were important for me to retain. I found taking the time to say thank you and to put myself in my schedule made a big difference in improving my quality of life. Yes, I still struggle with not always bypassing the Me Time but I’m getting better.

What’s New this year?

  • A monthly budget sheet
  • Goals worksheet
  • Big Picture Worksheet
  • Content Creation Worksheet
  • Product/Services Worksheet
  • Week Ahead Chart
  • The monthly planner has been redesigned to be more project focused

The version I am using will have all seven days on one sheet. For daily meetings, and tasks, I will use a digital scheduler like Gmail. However, I have included the daily worksheet for those of you who want to a hardcopy print out for day by day.

Planning your content at the start of the week makes a big difference in how you show up online. It also makes it a lot easier to manage when you have designed and scheduled your content. I’ve provided a worksheet to help with this.

You can download and print my version of the planner which is 223 pages YIKES! The inner pages are gray scale to make it easier on the ink. The FREE printable version allows you to print only the pages you want to use when you want to have them.

As always, send me a copy of you using your workbook and do share it with other female entrepreneurs who want some assistance in being more project focused this coming year.

2021 Flourish Planner – FREE download to print as needed
2021 Flourish Planner – Full Year – Black and White Inside (230 pages)