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Love Under Lockdown – Chapter 4

David hadn’t exaggerated how quickly he could build a new website. In fact, the toughest part had been designing her logo. He had decided to do it himself rather than send it off to one of his designers in India. He had received a notification with the options she selected, the moment she clicked submit on the form. His software took the information and spit out a ready-to-use website, down to the colors and the main pages she wanted to have. All that was needed was for her to select one of the two logo options he created.

He had embedded the course platform with the facilities to go live with the click of a button. The payment options for both local digital cash and credit cards had also been integrated.

He had to thank his sisters for making his web design work easier.

Being the consummate planner, once he had decided he was leaving the UK, he’d sat all three of his sisters down and told them he was no longer going to be topping up their income. He required each of them to come up with a digital business idea they wanted to start, and he would design the platforms free of charge. None of them had known where to start and he had created the basic web design form as a guide. Janelle, the baby of the family had been the most indecisive and he had gotten frustrated trying to work out what she wanted. To avoid the constant clashes, he embedded multiple options and variables based on her choices. From there, it had been easy to translate their desires into the web code.

By the time, his sisters’ online businesses were up and running, he had completed the web development program and his company’s business had tripled. It had become especially useful since the pandemic as more businesses moved online.

David emailed the two logo ideas and was taken aback when he received a response a few minutes later.

He made the adjustment she suggested to the logo she selected and uploaded it to the website. Once he was satisfied that all the links worked, he sent her a message via her Instagram inviting her to view the site on her mobile.

How did you do that so quickly?

He smiled at the question and promptly responded.

It’s all code. Nothing to it.

She replied with big eyes.

Why are you still up?

He laughed as both asked the same question at the same time.

This is when I do my best work.

It was true. He had always been a night owl even as a little boy and it had distressed his mother to no end.

I’m kneading the bread.

He wished he could be there to see her do it. Was she doing it by hand, or did she have a machine?

They spent the next few minutes messaging back and forth. Just as he wanted to pick up the phone to call, she said good night and signed off.

He was disappointed but he had to deal with that. She had a young boy who he was sure demanded a lot of attention. If she was going to get up early to bake bread and prepare for her coming class, she needed sleep. When she was up with her son, he’d be fast asleep.

David wished her goodnight and went to write some client proposals he had been putting off.


Andrea mindlessly scrolled on the Instagram. Not really seeing much of anything. She was tempted to cancel the class. Ryan had been fussy all day and he had begun to run a fever. Rather than give in to the frustration, she pulled out his plastic pool and filled it with water. They both changed into swimwear and played in it for an hour. By the time, he was finished, she made him an early dinner, read him a story and he went to bed half an hour before his usual time.

Class was in ninety minutes, but she felt unprepared. All the ingredients lined the counter and she had shined the appliances within an inch of removing the steel coating. Yet, she feared it would not be enough. Could she keep her students interested in the two-hour class? Posting staged photos was different from speaking live with a camera on.

A notification popped on the screen.

Check your front porch.

What had David put there now? When she went to deliver his bread earlier that morning, she found a box of gadgets that she could use for live streaming. He’d given her a high-resolution web cam, a desk tripod, and a mini ring light.

Andrea picked up the package which was wrapped with white paper as if from a printer and tied with string that had seen better days.

She tore it open and laughed as she read the cover of the binder. David’s three-step guide to doing live video.

He had taken the time to design a hilarious cover which showed him as a professor standing in front of a blackboard with the words written on it. A few students could be seen slouched in boredom or fast asleep at their desk.

Andrea giggled as she read the first instruction. Keep a glass of wine close by. If words fail, tell everyone to take a sip.

She could go for that. She already had a wine glass on standby next to the bowls ready for the meal. The pinot grigio was chilling.

The second instruction made her laugh out loud. In case the recipe goes all wrong, just add wine.

The third instruction made her gush and had her reaching for her phone.

“Should I be worried that you’re encouraging me to drink so much wine?”

His chuckle warmed her down to her toes. “Which is why I hope you will take me up on number three.

“Soon as I say good night. I will be on the back porch waiting to share the leftovers with you.”

“I can hardly wait. You’re going to do great.”

“Thanks for all of your help. The website seems to be a big hit. I spent all day adding photos and recipes to it. Three more people will be joining the class.”

“I’m really happy for you. Let me go and get ready. Thanks for picking something easy tonight. I had all the ingredients.”

“I’m glad. I didn’t want anyone to have an excuse for not doing the class. Figured if I used basic food items most people would have them. We can save fancy for session two.”

“Sounds like a plan, teach. I will see you online in a few.”

“Thank you for all of your help. I won’t be able to repay you.”

“Glad I could help. Later.”

Andrea checked on her son before going back to fiddle with her setup. The camera was fully charged, and she had her phone as a backup in case something went wrong. Ten minutes before she would go live, she put on her apron and logged into the website and turned on the live feed.

David had sent easy to follow instructions on how to add her details to the titles which would open the class. It gave the presentation a very professional feel. No one needed to know that two days before she had no clue of how to do this.

She put on a big smile as the clock countdown began. The minute the camera light turned green she began to teach her first class on making traditional Caribbean meat patties.

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