FocusYourHustleIf you spend any time online and on social media someone will try to sell you something. Including me. Buy my books here 🙂

Anyway read on.

If you are insecure in any way about what you are selling or doing to make money of your own, then you will spend even more time searching to find ways to sell better or do business better. Before too long you’ve read five steps to this and ten steps to that and how to make six figures without leaving your living room.

You can literally waste away precious hours which you should be spending on building your business, reading and clicking, reading and clicking.

There is merit to spending time reading up in your area of interest but it’s important to keep things in balance.

You’ve got to spend more time working on your business then reading other people’s ideas about how to build a business. It doesn’t matter whether you are reading articles by a marketing guru or the world’s best entrepreneur; at some point you’ve got to shut everything out and get to work.

If you think of the internet as your support network to help you succeed in business and utilize it that way then you are setting yourself up for success.

Set aside time to do reading that inspires and motivates you. Time yourself if you must so that you don’t take away from the time you should be working on your business activities.

Depending on your tasks you may need to reference How To videos or other types of research online but again get the answer you are seeking then go back to work. Give yourself a time limit if it is a challenge for you to stop clicking to read other information long after you’ve found the answer.

For your business to succeed you must spend your energy and your time doing the work that will build it. That means setting goals and meeting them. Planning a campaign and executing it. Sending out invoices and paying bills.

Focus is your key to get your business hustle on. Make your venture your number one priority.