Happy New Year to you and those you love!
I am having a hard time believing it is already the fourth day. I swear the days have been 12 hours long not 24. However, I am making the most of them. While I am recovering from the flu, I’m also praying and planning the next 12 months.
If you haven’t seen any of my posts recently, then you have missed the announcement that my first planner is available.
The Flourish 2019 Planner is aimed at female entrepreneurs and I hope you will grab a copy of it.
Inside you will find worksheets to help you audit your health, relationships and business over the past year and set up plans for this one. There are also daily and monthly goal sheets to help you stay on task. Because I believe in social media, of course there are prompts to get you thinking about your promotional strategy.
This is the year for all of us to work smarter. We already work hard but now we must be strategic with our time and other resources. It is also the time to build you team. Stop trying to be a one-woman business. You may not need employees, but how about associates, interns, or even bringing a partner on board? We will get further together and if we are heading in the same direction why go alone?

I want you to win this year BIG! I want you to Level Up! No more excuses. Just go get it. All of it!

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Have an amazing year. Let me know how you plan to Level Up in 2019. Let’s chat on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.