flat tireYou heard it before you saw it. The sound grew louder reminiscent of a coming eruption.

The monster roared over the hill and came into view.

Mature women selling produce on the roadside swooned and fanned their face as the Harley and its driver rode by.

Kayla just wanted to disappear but she couldn’t as he slowed down when he saw the flat tire on the car.

“May I help you with that ma’am?”

She put a mental check next to the sound of his voice, which reminded her of warm chocolate.

Although she’d only been on island two days, Montserrat was small enough that she’d already seen him at the grocery store and driving past the villa she was renting while here.

“Do you need help?” He asked again.

She handed him the jack in her hand as a reply.

His movements were sure and quick. In a matter of minutes the spare was on and he was closing her car trunk.

Helpful. Check. Efficient. Check.

“Thank you very much Mr…Sorry I don’t know your name.”

“Rage,” he replied. “Everyone calls me Rage.”

The name didn’t suit him she wanted to believe but the banked flame in his cobalt eyes said it fit perfectly.

“You should get that tire fixed soon. There’s a repair shop two minutes that way.”

She nodded.

What was the matter with her tongue? This wasn’t the time to have an attack of shy.

She smiled.

He nodded and got back on his ride.

Rage revved it and was gone.

Copyright March 2014. Nerissa Golden