Five Time Hacks for Managing Your Social Media

In the height of the COVID-19 crisis I took an unscheduled break from Facebook. Whether my account was reported or their AI had had enough of my posts, I don’t know. However, it reinforced some very valuable lessons about the power of social and why balance is so important to personal and business success.

Since joining the platform in 2008, Facebook has been my primary audience for connecting with family and friends. It has allowed me to increase my influence and audience and I have done this even without acquiring massive numbers of friends. I still have not used my 5000 friend quota as I say No more than Yes to add friend invites. But having built several business brands I understand what a powerful tool it is for connecting, especially for Caribbean people whether at home or in the Diaspora.

As I had other admins on my primary business page Discover Montserrat, we could continue to post content and get the COVID-19 information to people who needed it. I saw the difference that zero activity had on some of the other pages I manage because there were no regular posts. It made things much more difficult to drum up attention and rebuild engagement.

Not having access severely restricted my personal interactions and people thought I had blocked or unfriended them. Eventually I could see the good in not being on Facebook for personal reasons. I really needed a detox and also with the world in crisis, it was a good time to listen to my spirit to be clear about where to place my focus. As all attempts to get the account restored seemed stalled, I began to consider at life without Facebook and frankly, it still looked awesome.

So what does this have to do with you being on social media?
Since posting the video below last week, the one recurring message is ‘I don’t have the time to post’. We often take this position because we consider social media as one other thing people tell us we must do but we are not convinced that it is benefiting our business to be online. It is. The video below shares several key reasons why your business needs to remain active.

I do however, want you to understand that you MUST make it a priority to promote your business online. Separate your business account from your personal one. Your should have a personal profile and a business page. They are two different things. So even if you need to take a personal breather and take care of your mental health, your brand should not suffer because of this.

Stay consistent. Lack of consistency sends information to the platform’s algorithms that you aren’t important and they don’t need to show your content to followers.

Have more than one person who can access your accounts so that you can either get a volunteer or pay for someone to manage your social.

My time off of Facebook allowed me to give some more TLC to other platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn and I can see the benefits of it. Do not prioritize only one platform. Give love to two or three and go all in.

See being on social media as an important part of achieving your company’s strategic and financial goals. I know I check out a company’s social before I decide whether I want to engage with them further. We are looking at you and your disappearing act makes us think you are not serious, out of business and we will go somewhere else.

Allocate a few hours on a Sunday to plan out your week. This is should include your social media content plans. Make this time sacred as you do prayer, your health, time with family, and create the content you will use. for the week. Facebook has a scheduling feature that you can use. If your Facebook and Instagram are connected via Creator Studio, you can schedule IG posts as well rather than needing to pick up your phone to upload throughout the day.

Check out five time hacks for managing your social media. Let me know in the comments what you challenges are with this or a hack that has made it easier to do more.

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