You should be feeling relieved right about now. Your department has been slashed in half and lucky you, they kept you declaring you are an asset to the company.
You feel so needed and they’ve given you a raise too as an encouragement to continue the good work.
BUT you don’t feel encouraged. Your stomach churns and your heart races. It’s only a matter of time. You know it and you can’t fool yourself any longer.
You need an exit strategy.

Even if it doesn’t happen for a year or two, you need a plan for securing your future. One that doesn’t hinge on this company keeping you on the payroll. That is too much of a chance to take unless you are in a position to buy shares in the firm to secure your place. Even then, the company could fold and those shares become useless.
Too many people miss the signs that change is on the way and they get shell shocked when that letter of dismissal shows up. Don’t be. You have time to set things in a direction for future growth.
While others are downsizing you can be supersizing your dreams.
Here’s how:
1. Do an asset test. Not just of the physical or financial assets you have but your skills. What are the abilities they are paying you for which you can leverage elsewhere to earn additional income? What other knowledge do you have of the industry or growing need which people pay for.
2. Read CV Schizophrenia and Dream It and begin the work of planning what your next career will be.
3. Read up on industry trends and see how you can position yourself for where it is going. This may mean going back to school for a new degree (online or off), take a short course, get certified in a specific area.
4. Volunteer for a project in a different department. This will help you to meet other members of staff, learn more about the company and expand your experience and skill set.
5. Expand your network. Reach out to former colleagues, old friends and make new ones. They can give you a heads up in what job opportunities may be within their sector and also provide encouragement to stretch yourself.
6. Don’t get complacent. Begin to position yourself for what is coming.

How to Quit Before Your Job Quits You is a series to help you prepare for an empowered future of limitless possibilities.
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