Sunset at Little Bay, Montserrat by Nerissa Golden
Sunset at Little Bay, Montserrat by Nerissa Golden

Thanks for the feedback on CV Schizophrenia. I ended the piece with “You deserve to get the job which fits your dream.”

While rewriting your CV may seem a simple technical exercise of finding a new way to define what you’ve accomplished, I want to suggest that you take a less clinical approach to this exercise.

I highly recommend dreaming.

Yes, dream while wide awake so you can take note of what you are seeing, how you are feeling and what you are being.

Recreating your CV is about recreating the future you want. This requires you to see beyond the present situation and look into your own future, one you get to design and it starts with your eyes closed and your heart open.

This may sound a bit hairy fairy for some but just about everything I’ve ever accomplished, I have seen it in my mind first.

In this new career, where are you living? Are you moving to a new country, a new town, or staying put? Will this new role require you to dress differently or do you still want to be in a traditional office wearing suits and heels on a daily basis? Does it still keep you busy 24/7 or do you want to have more time to spend with your family taking weekends off?

Your future is entirely in your hands and this is about bringing it to life.

How is this even possible when we are surrounded by global economic challenges and layoffs? Is this the time to act as if we are in an alternate universe where any job we want is available and we can have the life we want?

Smile. You can bring this alternate universe to life, but first you must define what it looks like and how you will function within it.

So get back to pen and paper and dream.

This is not meant to be a month-long exercise. However, give yourself permission to be honest about what you really want. I know you want to pay your bills but what else is important for you to have as well. The pressure may be on to find a solution but this is not the time to panic and tamp down on your innermost desires.

What will your new work life look like and where will it take you?

CV Schizophrenia is part of a new series on How to Quit Before Your Job Quits You by Media and Innovation Strategist Nerissa Golden.