I don’t do competitions? The thought of someone deciding whether I’m good enough crawls my blood. It’s why I love entrepreneurship. I create my own rules. Find my way of serving and giving. And I’d be damned if I let your NO stop me.

So why was I entering PitchIT? This was so out of character but honestly I was driven to do it. I had less than a week to bring things together enough to make a pitch and my schedule was whack! I can’t tell you the last time I felt so compelled to do something and not just excuse myself with “I am too busy”.

The ad in my Facebook feed came at the right time. There was a problem I was exploring and I wasn’t yet sure I had the right answer. There may have been an easier way to find out if my business idea had merit but being a part of the competition felt like the right place for me.

I went to Trinidad after two days of travel delays between the weather and the airlines and it was worth every delay and rain drop which fell on me.

Holding my winnings 🙂

I went believing I would win. This too was new to me. Since I don’t enter competitions I’m not concerned about winning or losing. I’m the only one in my race. But I told my friends and family I was going to win and went with that attitude.

Believing you will win helps when you are in a room of young app developers with great ideas and with that innate belief they are going to win. I could only do my best and believe it was good enough.

It was. I won. Read about it on my other site Discover Montserrat.

I want to ask you..Do you want to win?

Win at life? Win at your business? Win at your relationships?


You’ve got to believe it and you’ve got to say it out loud.

Tell yourself in the mirror.

Tell those close to you.

You are going to win.

Your angels can go to work to bring everything in alignment for you to be victorious. But it doesn’t happen if you don’t believe, speak and then take action to manifest it.

I’m thinking about how else I can win before 2016 is over. Are you?

Nerissa Golden is an author rediscovering the power of a daring life. Follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.