Digital Spring Cleaning and A Moment to Be Thankful

One of my old mottos for TCWoman

Having moved so many times over the years I thought I’d become adept at packing light and not hoarding. I may be okay with this in the real world but my digital world is a different story.

I want to do better in this area and so I recently began to go through my server to look at old versions of websites and tons of photos I haven’t seen in more than ten years. (Yes I deleted stuff that I’ve already duplicated and will probably never ever need.)

It was a moment to be thankful and to reflect on how far I’ve come. I also wondered at how my motivation has changed since my first eNewsletter back in 2000. This was literally an email to all my friends with a collection of articles I’d written about having a young family, bootstrapping a business and living on a new island (St Kitts).  Back then I certainly did’t have a web service in fact, this newsletter predated my first website.

My 2005 header

When I got online it was because I was lonely. There I was discovering this amazing thing called the internet and I couldn’t find Caribbean people online. This birthed Truly Caribbean Woman, a blog about being a Christian woman and running a business and later it became The websites have evolved into so many other things as one door led to others and every article I wrote introduced me to more people who were equally as hungry to connect and to build a community which celebrated our culture, our needs and the discussions which we have not been comfortable having face to face.

Photo from 2000.

I have discovered other bloggers who are more adept at managing discussions on a myriad of things yet we still need much more.

I discovered a passion for tech and for entrepreneurship. I used those passions to organise and host three successful Caribbean conferences called YES in 2006, 2007 and 2011 on St Maarten, St Kitts and Montserrat. The islands are vastly different but the needs of our people to understand the power and value in their ideas is the same.

I’m cleaning and praying for wisdom on how to evolve my various brands, which ones need to be buried or resurrected. How do I add value in a space which is now filled with so many exciting versions of our Caribbeanness?

Time will tell.

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