Day 1 of Blogging for Business Complete

A friend joked last night that I needed to blog about the blogging workshop. So here goes.

I was overwhelmed. I’d known that about 16 people signed up, so there was always the chance that a few won’t come. What happened instead, was that they all came and then we had a few walk-ins. One lady came to drop off her mom then decided to go make arrangements for her children and came back to join the class.

The overwhelmed feeling didn’t come from being unprepared but the sight of people waiting to receive. It is always humbling to me when people receive what I am offering. There really isn’t a better feeling than knowing you add value to someone else’s life and for that I feel extremely blessed.

I am very thankful to the Montserrat Public Library for allowing me to teach there and to facilitate the process of allowing other residents to grow as writers and contributors to the local story, which can have a global impact.

As they shared their areas of interest I was reminded that we should never make assumptions about others. I somehow expected that most would pick the thing that I know they currently earn a living from but most had a few quirky and non-traditional areas they wanted to explore. What was even more intriguing was that for those with the same area of interest, for example cooking, there was a particular thing about the process that they wanted to hone in on, which would allow their blog to be different from the next.

It is a reminder that we each have a story and no one can tell our story in the same way we would. We talked about the fact that there are almost eight billion people in the world and we don’t need all of them reading our blog. What we need to focus on are the hundreds or thousands that do. It felt much more manageable to think that as a new blogger in a space where thousands of websites go live daily, we can still find a way to stand out in the blogosphere.

As we spoke about the need for someone to tell the stories of Montserrat past, I reminded them that it was not the job of one person but that we each could do that within our own areas of interest. Imagine if the cooking bloggers found the older men and women who were known for being their community bakers and goat water experts and included their story. How about the herbalists who find the older heads and learn about their remedies? We don’t have to stray outside our areas of focus but by simply choosing to include the stories of the older generation we would be doing our part to contribute to the preservation and passing on of our history and culture.

All you need to do is start. Blogging is a very forgiving space and one that continues to evolve. Tell your story.

Had to take a selfie on Day 1 – Blogging 4 Business.