CARE - Customer Experience Training

Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences Comes From Improving Team Communication

Lorraine Lewis is the owner of Montserrat Shipping – CARE – Customer Experience Training 2022

Did you know that the heart of creating exceptional experiences for your customers comes from improving how you communicate with your team?

In the late 90s when I launched my first media business, I used to write customer service manuals for one of my clients, who delivered training to the hospitality sector and for other large industry players. From what I recall, the information I had to reduce to workbooks and sheets was very employee-focused with lots of do’s and don’ts. There wasn’t much information or responsibility placed on the employer to ensure that the employees had what they needed to deliver good communication.

Now that I have worked in companies and organizations of various sizes, the core of the problem which creates a negative customer service experience is the information and the processes that the team must work with.

About CARE

I created CARE – Customer Experience Training to bring the missing elements back into the conversation.

CARE, which stands for Connect, Assess, Resolve, and Evaluate, is a system to encourage better communication and business processes among team members to improve the customer experience. Using each word to manage the communication and solution delivery changes the outcome.

MNI Shipping – CARE Training

The ladies of Montserrat Shipping recently completed CARE – A Customer Experience Training course. I really had a great time with them.

Boss Moves

What I enjoyed as well, was that the owner, Lorraine Lewis sat in on every session. She took notes and she asked questions of the staff and me. She wanted to know how they saw the business and what were the gaps they saw as employees. The answers are going to help them collectively design a workplace that meets not only the need of the customers but the employees as well.

Often, companies put the blame on the employees when a customer experience goes south. However, if you have not communicated your companies values, processes, and standards, then it will be impossible for your employees to deliver the exceptional experience you desire for each customer to have.

Make sure your team knows the story of why your company does what it does and how they fit into the big picture. They are more than a role or a title. Reframe the way they see their position and you will have employees excited about ensuring they deliver on the company mission every day.

Interested in creating a new customer experience by reengineering your business processes and how your team works? Reach out to me at Nerissa at

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