Blog - Show Up For Yourself

In just under two weeks I will end my work with the Government of Montserrat as the Director of Information & Communications. A long title for a challenging role which I’ve enjoyed immensely.

My dad’s words to me shortly after I began, still ring true today. “You’ve got what you need to do the job well.”

At first I wasn’t sure because this was a government role, which from the fuss people were making put me in some unique privileged circle but what it meant was that I took the heat from all quarters both public and private.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the challenge of bringing together a team who were pretty despondent about their work and who certainly felt unappreciated by both the public and private sector. Although small and under-resourced we got a lot done and more is going to be done when I leave.

I wasn’t able to fix all of the issues that I’d wanted to but I do know that I turned a light on and showed the potential of each employee to do more with what they had with a new perspective and additional training and equipment. Clearly, although Montserratians are very tech savvy we don’t always use them to the full potential and that has to change.

I never felt I came into the role to stay but to push the mission forward. My skills were exactly what was needed for the time I was there and now its time to use those skills to do different things in different arenas.

What will I be doing? Running goldenmedia and creating some mischief of my own.

I am looking forward to what is ahead and expect that God will continue to be my source of wisdom and strength to get it done well.