This is quite an awkward topic to start out with for me as I am probably the most inconsistent person I know. Well, I feel that way because routines bore me. For the average entrepreneur, routines are not the reason we all jumped into this ship. We wanted adventure, to live daringly, work our own hours and spend our own hard earned cash.

Truth is; whether your business requires you to flip the sign at eight every morning or that you be available whenever a client needs help even if it’s at midnight you need to be consistent about it.

It is easier when your business has just launched to keep those hours as you are still running on adrenaline and your energy is high. No one can defy your positivity and you feel success in your bones even when others don’t. But it becomes a bit more difficult to stay motivated and open your store on time when the numbers you thought would be flocking through your door or keeping your phone line busy have not appeared.

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