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Need a Business Consult?

I offer one-off coaching calls at USD 350 for a 45-minute conversation.

If you need more consistent support, then keep reading.

The Visibility Project

The Visibility Project is my one-year coaching program for women who are ready to show up powerfully in their life and business.

This program is for you if:

  • You are already in business or employed but want to make a major shift in your work life.
  • You have a specific project you want support to launch.
  • You know how you want to serve people but you are unclear about how to craft your message.
  • You know you need to do more online but you don’t know where to start.
  • You know you have tremendous value to add but you don’t know how to carve out your own niche.
  • You are part introvert and part extrovert but the introvert side is winning when it comes to selling yourself and your business.
  • You want the support of a small group of women to keep you accountable and help you navigate a changing world without losing your soul or your mind.

How The Visibility Project Works

Once a month, we will have a live virtual group call to discuss your TVP.

You will be able to pick my brain within our private community or via email.

This is a group mentorship opportunity limited to only 12 women at a time. You will be able to access the wisdom of the crowd to test your ideas before you share them publicly.

Other Perks

You will receive:

  • A 90-minute strategy session to design your TVP
  • Our Revised Flourish Planner (Hard Copy and Digital)
  • A Caribbeanpreneur T-Shirt from our Truly Caribbean Merch Store
  • Monthly Content Prompts for Creating Blog Posts and Social Media Content

My Commitment to You

I will not do the work for you. Rather, I will give you the full weight of my imagination, creativity and insight to help you articulate exactly how you need to execute on your strategy.

I will be your greatest cheerleader, next to yourself, to encourage you to persist and show up consistently.

Ready to Join?

The cost is US$1750 for one year of coaching. | Make Full Payment Here

You can make three installments of US$450. | Make First Installment Here

Enrollment opens August 15, 2021.