I hear this mantra every time I struggle with doing something that feels extravagant vs what is expected or seems for the greater good.

“Champagne before milk.” I hear it in my spirit as I vacillate about buying the fabulous pair of heels that don’t match anything in my closet. They were calling to me and I did not want to walk out the store without them. The price wasn’t crazy. It was just the idea of putting myself first when I knew my children, who were all in another growth spurt, needed shoes as well. They always needed shoes, clothes, school supplies. There was never a convenient time to shop for me.

I got the shoes.

Getting the shoes wasn’t about being irresponsible or selfish but a reminder to me that God provides. He gives me the desires of my heart as well as meets my needs. He has brought us through every growth spurt. All of the work I’ve been putting in and was being paid for could buy me a beautiful pair of coral heels.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Psalms 23:1 (KJV)

God provides needs and wants. Milk is the need for babies and small children. We need it less as we mature. God has also committed to providing for our needs. Why are we still worrying about them? It is a given that the supply will come to meet the need.

Champagne? We could argue that it is certainly not a need but it is a want. We need more reasons to celebrate our life. More opportunities to say thank you. More moments of revelry and toasting.

As I write the word revelry I can here the push back that the world has become more self-indulgent, that we put ourselves ahead of others all the time. However, I can challenge that assumption and know that you who are reading have been choosing to deny yourself more champagne moments, putting them off for a more convenient time.

What is the champagne in your life that you have been denying?

It may not be the drink. Is it taking that short course in photography that you’ve been putting off? The trip to Ireland that you keep saying you need to take? What is your champagne that you’ve been neglecting to drink.

It’s Sunday. Drink up!

Nerissa Golden is an author rediscovering the power of a daring life. Follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.