Nerissa Golden smiling at laptop screen

Believe in Your Magic

Kes the Band has a song that says Believe in the Magic. I hope you know the magic is in you. It’s that unique combination of skills, experience, culture, your wit, your outlook that no one else can replicate. That magic is what will set you apart. It is what your clients have been looking for. They are wandering aimlessly.

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How can the most visible entrepreneurs win?

The Most Visible Entrepreneurs Win, Here’s How

One of the lessons I see played out every day is that the most visible entrepreneurs win. I don’t mean the ones who are all over social media. Yes, that helps a lot. But the ones who are committed to showing up and delivering excellent service consistently. The winners are the ones who learn that if their customers can count

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Picking a Niche Increases Your Visibility

You know the phrase Jack of All Trades, Master of None? That’s not who you want to be this year and from here on forward. In the Caribbean, we believe that because our populations are small we need to cram as many things as possible into our services. When you do that, there is no way to separate you from

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