Boost Workshop with the Public Library

Workshops-Boost15 It is one of my favourite places to hang out so I was very excited when the staff at the Montserrat Public Library asked me to conduct a three-day workshop in November.

I could pick whatever I wanted that would be of value to the public and BOOST was born.

It was as chance to put together some experiences and techniques I’ve been tweaking over the years.

We had tons of fun. I so love small groups as you really get to know them and it is much easier to toss their problem into the presentation and we brainstorm as we go.

As a result we got some great ideas coming forward.Workshops-Boost15b

On Day One we discuss changing our money mindset. I’d considered doing this later in the week but it struck me that if we didn’t have the right view and relationship with money then we weren’t going to be willing to do what was necessary to actually BOOST business. That turned out to be the right move and it allowed everyone to break out of their small thinking and begin to imagine then articulate big dreams for themselves and their business.

That was so awesome.

Day Two we looked at identifying the best products or service to push and then Day Three we looked at the strategies for marketing them.

I will be doing another BOOST soon. So look out for details. This one you can join virtually so it will be a blast. Thank you to Sonja Smith and Dawn Daley for making this happen.