Blessing Blockers: Selfishness

This is day two of sharing some of the inspiration available in my book 30-Day Guide to Living Happy to help you get focused about the things you want to accomplish this year.

We can have a love-hate relationship with this Blessing Blocker called selfishness. While you may think it is simply about keeping things for yourself and not wanting to share, how about seeing it this way?

30-BlockerYou are blocking the blessings of others because you won’t let them be a blessing to you. You won’t allow other people to help you achieve your dream.

“You are missing out on the chance to be a blessing to someone else because you are not open to receiving from others Nerissa.”

I was stunned the day the Holy Spirit told me this. I never saw this as a blessing blocker. I’d spent so much time wanting to prove I was independent and could do things on my own, I didn’t realize that there were people who wanted to help me genuinely without repayment.

There are people who want to be a blessing to you but you don’t accept help from anyone. From the time my first daughter was in my womb, God would send all the clothes she needed. This continued for every child even to this day. But there was a period when I was very resentful of what I pridefully saw as handouts and I was insistent that God give me the money so I could buy what the children needed.

I can laugh now at the December I tried this. I was stunned at the real cost of having to outfit four children. I wasn’t making enough to do it and certainly not at the quality at which God was providing for them. I had to apologize for my pride and not seeing the miracle that He was giving me from year to year.

You may feel as I once did how can I accept help when I can’t repay them? I remember a friend sharing with me years ago when I felt badly about the way she was always gifting me that she enjoyed being able to do this for me. She valued my friendship and my willingness to always encourage and listen. I never realized that what I did with ease and joy was a a blessing to my friends. I was not being a good friend by rejecting what they had to give with me.

Today evaluate the ways that you may be blocking your blessings by being selfish and keeping everything to yourself and not allowing others to support your dreams.

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