Beyond Reason: The Waiting Game

How long is too long?
How much is too much?
When does waiting go beyond what is reasonable to wait?
At every stage of life there are seasons of waiting. These seasons are just that, waiting seasons and you can’t abort them or hurry them along. Well, yes you could abort them but life has shown that you will come right back to the same season a little further on and you will have to do then what you don’t want to do now. Wait!The bible (John 5: 1-9) tells us of a man who had been an invalid for 38 years. He spent all his days and probably his nights lying next to a pool, where the legend was that the first one in the pool after the angel stirred the waters would be healed.
Jesus came by and asked him, do you want to be healed? His response was I am waiting and I have been waiting but it never seems to be my turn. (My translation)
Jesus healed him on the spot. He never had to get in the pool. His life was changed.
“Ok so where is Jesus to abort all this waiting I’ve been doing?” you ask.
He’s with you. In you. Standing strong for you. Praying for you.
Your turn is coming. Whether it will be because an angel steps in to rescue you or the time expires, you will get what you have been believing for.
What we must do, is divorce ourselves from the timing and methodolgy of how our situation will be resolved. That’s usually the toughest for me as I can always think of a myriad of ways to resolve something, if only… Trust me, God’s solution is always one I don’t think of and more often than not, it is so simple, it’s mind boggling.
Waiting is cool if you’ve got things to do to keep you occupied. What happens when you’ve done everything you were supposed to do but still nothing happens?
When you’ve done all to stand, just stand.
Stand and see your situation turn around. It will. Stand and believe that it will. Stand and believe past what you think is a reasonable length of time to wait for manifestation.
Stand even when you see everyone else get their answer and there is no sign of life that yours will manifest. It will.
Hold on.
“So many cliches Nerissa!!!!”
Wait past reason, past what feels right or normal. Wait for God won’t disappoint you.
You are loved.