Being Fearless, Fierce and Fabulous

Last night, I jumped on a W.E. Get Together webinar hosted by Georgina Terry of Trinidad & Tobago. Her guest speaker was a mutual colleague of ours Reina Kolf, Sr. Human Potential Advisor, Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker from Suriname. The topic: “How to be Fearless, Fierce and Fabulous!”

If you ever have the chance to meet or listen to Reina then you know she marches to the beat of her own drum and I’ve got to tell you for Caribbean women that is big. She flows with what feels right for her rather than what others think she should do. It was refreshing to hear her encourage the women to stop beating up on themselves and constantly being in a place of “I’ve got to fix this” or “learn that”. She reminded us to be more accepting of who we are, rather than always living in pursuit of perfection. You will learn what you need to know in the right time, she said.

Reina shared how she has found that being disorganised was now a strength. Not in the sense that she’s always late for where she needs to be but that not having a life that is so well ordered, allows her to be more flexible. Her life isn’t set in stone and so she can be more fluid and make the kinds of shifts many of us have had to make this year. We’ve been calling it being disorganised when really we are just more flexible. When your life is too rigid then the hits that come with living can take you out. Give yourself some room to breathe, change your mind, alter your plans.

Following the call, women shared about working through the learned practice of fitting in, knowing your place and not bringing attention to themselves. Georgina reminded us all that we are doing a disservice to ourselves, our business and to the people who need our help when we don’t speak up.

We were asked to consider whether we were in a place focused on being either fearless, fierce or fabulous. I said fabulous. I want to own my fabulousness more and be proud and visible with it. What are you working on now? Being more fearless, fierce or fabulous?

Georgina will be celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship Day on November 19th online. You can register here…

Go be fearless, fierce and fabulous!