Beaming at the News of my Innovation Award

Well having my own news outlet at means I can toot my own horn whenever I feel like it, but its nice when other media houses do so as well.

Making the TT Guardian today is the announcement of my TechLink Innovation Award along with five other Caribbean nationals. They actually called me up for an interview, which is a nice reminder that journalists shouldn’t take a press release and regurgitate it verbatim. Find a way to freshen it up and create a new angle.

Here’s what they wrote about me:

The TechLink Tech Community Service Award, which recognises individuals and organisations making a significant impact at a community level in technology advocacy, education, public awareness and innovative solution implementation, was presented to Golden for Outstanding Contribution to Caribbean Storytelling and Encouraging the Participation of Women in ICT, through her web portal and entrepreneurship events.
“It feels good to be honoured for something that just became a way of life,” Golden told the Guardian.
“I started with just doing this weekly letter about being a mother and just sharing what I was learning in my own process. I came online because there wasn’t content about being a Caribbean mother or being an entrepreneur. That’s how it started. Then it became a vehicle to promote what I was doing and connect with people whom, under normal circumstances, I would never meet.  It was allowing me to create a business out of the ideas in my head. Now I recognise that we do need more people creating our own content and telling our own stories.”

Golden just self-published her third book, an illustrated children’s book titled Island Days.

You can read the full story here …