Do you know the Bonnie Tyler track Holding Out for a Hero?

Don’t ask me why it was in my head this morning and of course I can still remember the first time I heard it. They used it back in 1984 as the theme show for this action/adventure TV series called Cover Up. It never made it beyond season 1 but I loved that show. Beautiful locations around the world, beautiful men and women in photo shoots and saving the world.

Anyway, I digress. My thoughts were circling around the idea of needing to be rescued. Always waiting for someone else to come along and figure out how awesome you are and then they save your business, your life, your broken heart. As women, many of us were cultured that way. The dolls, the TV shows, the imagery we saw around us. This sense that we’re weak and can’t make it without a man. Maybe you went through a divorce or other breakup which seemed to reinforce this idea that you’re not good enough without a man.

This idea has been so counter to the reality of so many Caribbean women. Yet, our stories have centered around the other. Everyone else gets top billing in our life than we give ourselves. It has to stop. Constantly diminishing your light so you don’t push others away, so you don’t attract a good man or whatever your reasoning is, has to stop. In minimizing your greatness, you are minimizing your ability to become all that you were created to become.

I’ve had many financial and business failures which always made me question my ability to be better the next time around. But guess what? You are. You now have the lessons from that experience to guide you into the next one.

There are businesses inside of you that won’t see the light of day because you are choosing to keep things simple and not step over that imaginary boundary you’ve created to protect you from being too great, from shining.

I want to see you shine. Your children, your community, the world needs you to shine at your maximum. Sounds scary? Good. Let’s get to work and Be the Heroes we were created to be.

Nerissa Golden is Media Strategist and Business Coach who helps her clients accelerate their business growth by leveraging high impact communication solutions and income generating strategies. Follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Need more personal support? Ask about joining the Lady Maverick FB Group.