Are You Ready to Disrupt Your Industry?

img_3582 75% of the companies in business today will be replaced by new firms in 2027.

That was one of the stats I got while in Eindhoven, Holland. 2027 is only ten years away.

How does that affect my business and yours?

What? You’re not thinking that far ahead. Well someone is and they are wondering what it will take to be a world leader in your industry.

A now common term is disruptive technology, such as 3D printing, renewable energy, robotics, etc So the automatic thinking is that this applies to only people who work in tech. As if it is us against them. Remember technology has transformed every industry. Whether your primary business is online or a mom and pop corner store, technology has changed the game.

Consider your customers who had to walk in to your store or office to speak with you or to purchase a service. Now they email you from the other side of the world, place orders on their smartphones or they’ve found a better service provider who is in another country. No doubt this has affected your bottom line. This is disruption. A business that has come in and changed what was the norm by offering more value and a new way of serving customers and in doing so, profited.

The position you hold today won’t be the one you have tomorrow if you do not continue to innovate. How are you serving your customers? How can you serve them more efficiently? What is happening globally in your sector which can affect what you do locally? How can competing ideas now work together to create added value and a new revenue stream for your business?

It is in asking questions of ourselves, our business and customers do we discover new ways to be disruptive. You may not be required to toss out your entire model, but make the necessary tweaks to get to the next level. Even if you do not consider your business revolutionary, someone else is looking at how they can do what you do better. Start to consider how you can improve what you do.

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Nerissa Golden is Media Strategist and Business Coach who helps her clients accelerate their business growth by leveraging high impact communication solutions and income generating strategies. Follow her on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter. Need more personal support? Ask about joining the Lady Maverick FB Group.