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Another Short Story – Love in Quarantine

These short stories have been a challenge but a lot of fun to write. Love in Quarantine is longer in word count than Love Under Lockdown. However, I am intentionally keeping them short and each is unconnected from the other, aside from the same theme of dealing with life and love in the time of COVID-19.

In this second short story, in the series, Love in Quarantine is set it on an imaginary Caribbean island, called Saint Michaels. Look for this island to pop up in future books and know up front it is a composite of as many islands as I can fit into it without it sounding like a hot mess. Then again, that might make for better storytelling and more drama.

For Geography and political buffs, it is located somewhere in the Eastern Caribbean. If it were a real island, it would be a part of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). I haven’t decided on its longitude and latitude, yet or size. However, you will get a glimpse of it in this story and I look forward to discovering more of Saint Michaels in future work.

Anyway, dive in to Love in Quarantine.

Forced to isolate after a colleague tests positive for COVID-19, Bria Collymore is stuck inside and reliant on her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Riley’s got 14 days to convince her they should work things out. But how’s he to accomplish that when he can’t do any of the things, he’s always thought a man had to do to woo a woman?

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