Three years ago, I was on my way to Trinidad with Dr Sammy Joseph. We were talking about entrepreneurship and what it really took to succeed. We were both working in other jobs at the time but recognized that if we were serious about being in business for ourselves we had to go all the way in.

A year later we were both out of our government jobs and doing our own thing full-time.
I remember saying it isn’t the right time but the right time never came. My situation wasn’t changing and the hunger to be in business full-time was strong.

Yes there is a season for straddling the fence if you will as you test the waters. But if you do want to see maximum results in business you must get off the fence and dive in. You’ve got to go all the way in. You’ve got to believe in your dream and work your plan.
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As I described it to a friend it is for business women ready to leap tall buildings who don’t know how. If that is you, then don’t miss this opportunity.

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